Selling in a sellers’ market…. what not to do!

Moving home is stressful. In a sellers’ market, you have an amazing opportunity to make it less stressful, but very few people manage this. Finding a buyer is very easy, but knowing who the best buyer is becomes far harder as buyers become more desperate and agents get busier.

As a seller, things to consider:

  1. Cash doesn’t equal a great buyer, it just means they aren’t getting a mortgage. You STILL have all the potential baggage or worse that any other buyer comes with and this needs to be considered/checked.
  2. Agents competing with one another (eg. multi-agency) are technically working for the buyer to get their offer accepted, not get you the best buyer. 2 different agents have offers, they’re not telling you the bad bits about their buyer are they! You’re still paying the bill though.
  3. Buyers are more desperate than ever in trying to find their next family home. They may have challenges to overcome or their chain may be more fractious than they want to let on. Doing property checks are more important than ever.
  4. If you’re trying to buy an onward purchase, you will face buying challenges too. This means having a buyer that fits in with your requirements is so important. Someone offering you a great price but that will start piling on the pressure in 2 weeks time, is that really going to be ideal for you? This is something you want to know prior to accepting the offer, not after.

Sellers’ relationship with their agent is more important than ever. Trust and confidence are key.

Any questions, as always, please do ask.