Should you paint your home when selling?

If you had the option to paint your home before selling at a cost of £500 with the likely return of getting £3000 back on your sale price, would you do it?

500% return on your investment?  When do you ever get offered that sort of business opportunity?

What if when selling you spent £500 on advertising and got £3000 back, would you do that?

Let’s say you’re now coming to sell and one agent was twice the price than your other quote. Let’s say one is 1% and the other is 2%. On a £400,000 property that’s £4k more!  A lot of money.

Say of that £4k, half was spent by the agent on advertising upfront on very specific, targeted, proven advertising that will drive your price on average 3%-5% higher than if you didn’t do it?

For £4k (not paid by you) you’ve made between £12k and £20k back.  That’s between £8k and £16k clear, tax-free profit.

If the investment doesn’t pay off, you lose £0, but the likely, potential rewards are huge. When do investment opportunities like that ever get offered to you?

There simply isn’t any amount of money you can save in fees that equates to anything remotely close to the potential wins you can make when selling your home on the sale price. 

Any questions, please do ask. 🙂