Southbourne prices are sky-rocketing….

So, it feels very difficult for buyers right now in BH6. Prices have shot up massively in the last year to 18 months.  But what is the reality?  Here are the stats.

Supply has dropped off slightly in 4-bed and significantly in 1 and 2-bed properties.  Overall house supply is down 16% from the same time last year, which is rather a lot, but it’s actually up 4% for 3-bed houses and up 7% in 5-beds.

If you look specifically at detached houses, we’re talking a 28% increase.  According to one graph, prices went up 31% in 2014! Yowzers.

So the big question is that if supply has only dropped off by 16% (and a large proportion of that is in 1-bed properties) why is it that prices have shot up so much?

The simple reality is that demand has gone through the roof.  Southbourne (and this has now filtered massively in to the surrouding areas) is incredibly popular.  Who wouldn’t wish to live by a superb beach with a superb highstreet with easy access to good towns and only two hours (ish) from London?

It’s certainly been a fairly crazy period in relation to prices and at present it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.