Southbourne’s Best Breakfasts

Is there a more controversial subject than where the best place is to cure your hangover, start your day with some energy-packed fuel or simply a coffee and a croissant as part of your daily routine? Breakfast divides.

I’m a big fan of breakfast. It’s certainly in my top 3 favourite meals of the day.
In no particular order….

5. Hungry Husky

A tiny place with just a few seats is found around the corner off the highstreet on Grand Avenue. ‘Proper café’ vibes and a menu geared to the bigger eaters. I have had a few veggie breakfast wraps here, and they are super filthy-lovely, but sausages and bacon are at the forefront of what’s on offer.
You’ll almost certainly find Lee behind the counter on the hot grill and the welcome is always warm (depending how busy he’s been!).

Meal of choice: Breakfast wrap to take-away or the full English if you’re sitting in.

4. Ludo Lounge

A family-friendly vibe with lots of tables and a good fresh orange juice sneak Ludo into the top 5. Whether you fancy a Shakshuka, a Miami Brunch, or a full English, Ludo is comfy, spacious and varied enough for a group of friends or family. Very vegan friendly with a vegan only menu available.

Meal of choice: Veggie Breakfast.

3. Velo Domestique

It’s not always possible to get a seat, and if you’re with kids and a pushchair, it is a bit crammed, and sometimes the kitchen is closed if you do get a seat, but the breakfast burrito is something you’re only going to get here and IT IS AMAZING!

I don’t know where the recipe came from, who cooks it, or where the ingredients come from, but my word, it’s amazing. I’m getting hungry thinking about it writing this.

Meal of choice: Breakfast burrito. Nom nom nom.

2. Casa Carlos (is it even still called this?)

For a bonus point, do you remember his tiny restaurant in Tuckton?

Well known for authentic, generous tapas servings and a lively evening dining experience, Casa Carlos is also home to an utterly delicious breakfast baguette. The bread is amazing. They do put what you want in there whether it’s sausage or bacon or egg or all three. I’m sure there are extra options too, but if you’re having a take-away, it’s best to not get too overexcited unless you have a bib.

Meal of choice: Crispy bacon baguette. Bit of ketchup.

6. Syds Slaps

This bizarrely named place has come onto the Sobo Breakfast Scene (yes this is now a thing) with an absolute bang. My first experience, like an absolute novice, ordered ‘Set 2’, and they dropped an absolute feast on my table. It’s massive. Not so massive that I didn’t eat it all because it tasted so amazing, and I like a challenge, but for those of you who wish to leave the table after breakfast, order at your peril.

The black pudding on thick white toast with loads of butter was so good that I talk about it with other people.

A modern-feeling breakfast place, with some good old-fashioned vibes dosed in. Good seating. A nice cup of tea. Friendly staff.

No doubt I’m missing some of your favourites. It’s not an easy list to curate. Do you agree? What is your top 5?