The destructive silly offer…

I’m all for someone chancing their arm when offering on a house.  But if you really love the property, putting in a daft offer is more likely to end up costing you more, not getting you the best deal possible.

Imagine you’re selling your home.  The home you’ve cherished for many risings of the sun.  You may have some pretty wonderful memories of the house.  You’ve got to sell.  It’s too big for you to manage any longer.  It hurts, but the house must now welcome a new family.  It must go on the market.

Now, if you’re buying from an even remotely emotional seller (see above), insulting them is a really stupid idea.  Insulting them with an offensively low offer is as daft an idea as is possible when buying property.

I’ve seen people actually outright refuse to sell their property to someone even though the price eventually got to where they wanted.  It happened like this.

  • On viewing discuss problems with decor, not in good condition etc.  (it was dated but had been kept really well)
  • Vendor upset by comments.  (this is why I generally insist on vendors going for a walk)
  • Couple offer on property.  I wince when told amount.
  • Vendor now very upset by people.
  • Buyer fannies around with upping offer slowly.
  • Vendor more insulted and getting annoyed.
  • Buyer finally gets to sensible price on property but vendor had enough and still refuses.
  • Sell property to another couple for £2k less that were incredibly polite and nice.
That couple would have got the house if they’d not put in that destructive first offer.  The vendor would have looked past the comments had the people been a bit smarter with their offer making.  They knew the lady wouldn’t take the offer.  I had told them she would be offended.
So the moral of the story is……  Don’t put in offensive offers on property where people live there.  Most people wish for their home to go to someone pleasant, so play nice.