The do’s and don’t of decorative cushions…

A controversial subject, but one I feel we, as agents, don’t talk about enough. There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful home that has been ruined by an incorrect chop, poof or order.

But fear not, you’re in the right place to learn how to do it right. But let’s start with a couple of examples of how not to do it….

Neither decorative setup hits the mark. One is upsetting to the eyes, whereas the other looks as though someone has made an effort, but totally missed the mark.

It’s just as easy to get it wrong on a bed too. One has all the gear and no idea and the other got confused and used a blanket. But they didn’t get the right size mattress either, so it is of little surprise.

Now I have pained your eyes and senses with how to do it wrong, here are a few examples of how to do it right!

A couple of warm, cosy-looking sofas.

If you need some inspiration for your bedroom, feast your eyes on these exquisitely planned and plumped decorative cushion extravaganzas.

If in doubt, please seek expert advice. This is a subject one cannot underestimate the importance of.