The pros and cons of multi agency! As a seller.

If I knew nothing about estate agents and the sleazy tricks they play, I’d say that multi agency would make a lot of sense.  Get two agents, make them fight for their sale and bobs your uncle.

The single biggest risk with going multi, is that the second you do, the agent immediately starts working for their buyers, not you.  So what are the positives?

  • They want to earn the commission.  They have to work hard or miss losing out.

So what are the potential negatives?

  • I’ve known agents to sabotage a sale by putting in fake offers to stop you taking a genuine one from the other agent.
  • With Rightmove now the place for the majority of buyers to go, having two+ listings of the same property next to one another looks a bit desperate.  (desperate is not a good way to get top money)
  • Put two fiercely rival firms on as a winner takes all for your home sale and all hell could break loose.
  • Buyer “My offer is X” Agent “You’ll lose the house at that to other agents buyer, offer £X over that and drop on survey”
You take your chance with these things, but I’m definitely in the having one really good agent camp.
What do you think?  Be interested to hear your views.