Three tips about viewings that will make selling your house less stressful.

So you’ve picked your agent.  You’re happy with your choice and you go on the market.  Depending on how conscientious the agent is can make a big difference as to how stressful the process is for YOU, the people that matter.

Are you a bit house proud?  99% of the people I meet are.  So when viewings are booked, people will want their house looking as good as it can.  What’s fun about strangers coming in and casting judgement on your home?  Not a lot, realistically.  The process of booking and carrying out viewings can reduce stress greatly.  I know it doesn’t take thirty seconds to get your home ready for a viewing.  So if your agent is badly organised, or just not very considerate, you can end up spending literally hours every week getting your home ready for non-serious buyers. 

If I go out to see a client that is on the market with another agent I will always ask the questions:

“How many viewings have you had?  What was the feedback?  What position were those potential buyers in?”

Frequently I will hear “5 or so, feedback has been okay, agent hasn’t really said much and I’ve no idea on the position they were in.”

Now, if you’re spending your valuable time getting your house ready and that is all you’re getting from your agent, you’re bound to get a little frustrated.  So, my tips for reducing that cleaning time and stress are:


  1. Plan ahead.  Tell your agent the times you would ideally like viewings.  It won’t always work out, but it will help and you can plan around those times as best as possible.  You’ve still got to live your lives! 
  2. Request forward notice of 24 or 48 hours for any viewings.  Sure you may miss one, but if someone is not going to make a little effort in their schedule to view a house (within reason of course), how likely do you think it is that they’re going to buy it?  Probably none as they’re not a serious buyer.  Why bend over backwards for a buyer if they’re not serious?  If the agent tells you they’re very serious and they really want to see it and this is the only time possible, make an exception.  If you’re the one that always compromises, your agent will let you keep doing it. 
  3. Only allow serious buyers to view.  Your agent ‘should’ be giving you the position of any buyer prior to viewings.  As standard, we only view with those in a position to buy the house if they like it.  If they’re not, I will consult the owner and try and fit them in either just after or just before someone viewing that is a serious buyer.  One prep. for the owner and one visit to the property for us.   We’re not in the business of doing viewings for the sake of doing viewings.  Our time is too valuable and we also value the time of our clients too.


Moving house is still going to be stressful, but why make it more stressful than it needs be?  If you have any questions or queries or want to know more tips, drop me a comment in the section below, email [email protected] or give the office a call on 01202 387718.

Simon Ward
Mr Green Estate Agents