Top 3 reasons sales fall apart!

Someone has agreed to buy a property, the other has agreed to sell…. it should be pretty straight forward from there, right? If only!

Moving from one home to another in itself is a bit of a logistical monster. There are so many pieces to fit in to place, whilst so many unknowns come together and bring themselves to the fore.

So why do so many sales fall apart? The three primary reasons are:

  1. Slowness of progression. Regardless of fault for how slowly things progress, the longer a sale is in hand, the far higher the risk of things falling apart becomes.
  2. Change of mind/circumstance of someone. The chances of someone changing their mind about something becomes far greater the longer a chain is. Just simply by the number of people involved.
  3. Surveys. It’s an unknown for buyers and hard to predict.

So how can you tackle these three things as easily as possible?

  1. Have your paperwork in order and move with urgency once a sale is in hand. Even if you’re not sure on if you should do things quickly, do it quickly. I’d have everything ready before agreeing a sale. Eg. solicitor ready to go.
  2. Ask all the right questions at the start of a sale so you can choose the best buyer/seller with the best circumstance for your needs.
  3. As a seller, get a survey before you sell. It’s a great investment for many reasons.

Any questions give us a shout. It’s hard getting every details right. We do this all day everyday and happy to share any info or help we can.