Went to value a flat yesterday….

Two-bed ground floor flat with a garden in an area rammed to the teeth with two-bed flats.

Looking around the flat, bedroom, bedroom, kitchen, nice lounge, then I ask to walk out in to the garden…..

Owner “You’re the first agent that’s asked to do that!”

Me *shocked “Really?”

From 5 agents, me being one, I was the only agent that asked to go in the garden?  That’s madness. The garden is the key feature for this type of property in this area.  It’s the difference between getting great money or not.  Private garden makes for a much easier, and inevitably more profitable sale.  A poor garden and we’re talking a very difficult sale in a saturated market.

After seeing the property, getting my thoughts together and I asked what the length of lease was and how the maintenance setup was.

“Oh, I’d have to have a look.  You’re the first one to ask that too”

Who are the agents sending out to do their valuations?  The two absolutely key points with marketing this specific property have not been seen or asked about.  What if the lease is low and needs extending?  What if the freeholder wants £15k for the extension and we have to go route of having it independently valued? 

I’d much rather establish the situation prior to going to market.  Surely everyone would?

All the details about a property help ensure it is marketed in exactly the right way, to the right person so that the owner can get the best price possible.  Baffled.

If you have a flat that you’re thinking of selling, make sure the agent asks about the fundamentals.

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