What are the top 5 reasons a home doesn’t sell?

Every home can sell. There is no such thing as a bad house. But there are some reasons as to why a property may now fulfil its selling potential…..

  1. Lack of advertising power. Simply not enough buyers are seeing the home for sale. Your ideal buyer may not have seen it. (Rightmove doesn’t count).
  2. Photography/staging. A great home with photos that don’t show off a home as well as it can will be dismissed by at the very least, some of your potential buyers. A lack of viewings, or certainly a lack of good viewings is a great indicator that this is a problem.
  3. Staging and setup for viewings. If enough of the right people are coming to the property and seeing it, but there are no offers incoming, it would indicate a problem with the viewing process.
  4. Just sometimes… there’s something behind the scenes stifling your sale. An unknown spanner in the works…. I’ve had cash buyers be refused to see a home because the agent was getting in their own sellers first….. this resulted in that seller taking a much lower offer after 6 weeks of trying to sell. Does that seller know this happened? I doubt it.
  5. If you’ve got a brilliant agent, with brilliant marketing material, staged really well and advertised to the entire world of potential buyers and the home hasn’t sold…. the last thing is price. Even with all of the above, if the home doesn’t meet the expectations of the buyers in your price point, re-jigging the price is your last resort.

Any questions, you’re always welcome to ask. It’s a bit hard to get a nerds knowledge fully into a blog, but if there’s something you’d like to know the answer to, I’m sure I can help.