Why do we have a full-time photographer?

Is our service overkill? Maybe. Some may say that. Some would argue it to be true. A waste of money. If the best of other agents deliver an 8/10 with their photography, is it worth having photography that’s 9/10 whilst striving for 10? Is 8 enough? Is ‘okay’ good enough?

Nathan is a cool guy. It’s a pleasure working with him. He wasn’t doing property photography before we hired him, but he was taking some epic photos. I simply had to find out what would happen if we turned that talent and energy towards properties. What could we achieve? What would the results for our clients be?

Brilliant photography is the cornerstone of property advertising. If you’re selling anything worth more than probably £500 it’s worth spending some money on these things, so when you’re talking about property at 1000 or 2000 times that figure, it makes sense to invest more.

We had a great freelance photographer that we worked with for a long time. I don’t think we could have found any better. I don’t know how we could get to the next level and the only possibility was through having someone in the business full time.

Having a full-time photographer in our business is a luxury for our clients that makes selling their home better. At a cost. The flexibility and ability to go outside of the box, to deliver something new, to go back and re-do a photo at a better time of day. These are a few of the key reasons we have a full-time photographer. But the ultimate reason is that it’s what’s best for our clients.