Why don’t people plan their home move?

Moving home is hard, and there aren’t any reasons to make it unnecessarily more challenging; unless you’re a bit of a loon. 

I’ve never met a single person (in over 15 years of helping people move home) that has made an excellent plan and thought about everything. I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve met that have tried. The rough maths is 0.00008% of people make a reasonable effort at planning to move home. 

Three quick reasons for making a top-quality plan are:

  1. You’ll suffer way less stress. 
  2. Waste far less of your time.  
  3. Have lots more money in the bank. 

The key reasons people don’t make a good plan are:

  1. They don’t think about it. 
  2. They don’t know how. 
  3. Finding someone to trust to help can be challenging. 

A good plan can be pretty short and straightforward, but it will cover a lot of “what ifs”.   

Estate agents very rarely discuss anything beyond Plan A with a potential client for fear of not being instructed. Who wants to hear about plan B or C? Statistically, over 70% of people will not succeed with plan A, so it’s worth making a good plan B. 

Without a clear plan B, I see many sellers make critical mistakes and end up in limbo land, either not knowing what to do or being unable to make a good decision under pressure and taking too long. All these things can be planned for and super clear before going to market. 

Imagine always knowing what you’re supposed to do. 

If you’re thinking of moving or planning to move and would like to make a good plan, give us a call or email. 



Mr Green