The benefits of launching your property on Xmas Eve…….

Sounds a bit crazy right?  Who puts their house up for sale on Xmas Eve?  Well we do for many of our clients and have done so for the last few years with great success.  There is method behind this madness.  I’ll explain…….

  1. The ideal market for a seller is when nobody else is selling but everyone is buying.
  2. Xmas Day and Boxing Day are the two busiest days for online property searches being done of the entire year.
  3. Nobody else is mad enough to put their property up for sale in this very positive period.
  4. You sell in the best market possible.

A couple things to note are that we don’t actually carry out any viewings on the properties we launch on Xmas Eve until the new year, usually the start of the second week of January.  Who wants people disturbing them at Xmas?!

If this sounds like the type of opportunity you’d like to take advantage of, give us a call or email.  01202 387718 or [email protected]

Always happy to help, even if it’s to explain the exact specifics for you to use with your own estate agent.